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Ellora’s Cave Now Threatening RWA With Bogus Defamation Lawsuit(?)

And now for the daily news about our not-so-favorite publisher, Ellora’s Cave brought to you by Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader.


3278124117_f146ea9a65_bThe romance publisher Ellora’s Cave has moved on from trying to silence book bloggers with a SLAPP lawsuit; now it is reportedly making threats against the Romance Writers of America.


For more read here.

EC, RWA, and an Absence of Royalties

Kelly Jamieson has posted something interesting about EC on FB. Take a look. Mastrantonio's claims are even more interesting because in the last several weeks authors have been saying their last check from EC was in either Dec. '15 or Jan. '16 for royalties due March '15. Then there was this last month:



Makes me wonder how accurate the direct sales book count is. I would never purchase a book direct from EC ever again, not solely because of this nonpayment mess but also because they managed to lose reader's libraries TWICE.  I lost mine the first time it happened and that coupled with their inexplicable sudden disappearances from the net was enough to convince me they were never safe, professional, or honest.


Last month when Engler/Black launched that little plea in the ss EC lost their security certificate and it took them 3 or 4 days (I believe) to get it back. In the meantime if you tried to access EC's website you got that warning message page and who would proceed to any site and buy anything from them? And why did it take them so long to get it back?


Engler/Black keeps crying about the number of book sales they are losing because of Amazon, because of authors, bloggers, and competitors "lying" about her  and her company but it took days for EC to get its shit together and recertify their site. So who is really ruining EC?



Samantha Kane Gone From Ellora’s Cave

Author Samantha Kane has announced on Facebook that she is no longer with EC and will be re-releasing her books starting in June, this includes her Brothers In Arms series.For full post read here.

Madeleine LeBeau


A long and interesting life.

Vox Day Shows His Ass, Chuck Tingle Points and Laughs

Still can't post more than one screenshot or photo so read all about it here. This inability to post ss is getting old.

An Orca for Gregor Xane


Who could resist this face?



Looks like this orca is dining well.



Review- Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal

Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal - A.J. Goode

Humor is difficult. And varied. It requires a certain ability that escapes a great many people who attempt it. Goode has the ability in spades.


Sometimes it is not the situations she finds herself in but the way she describes them. Or in the way the story derails in a totally fascinating but bizarre fashion and eventually winds back around to where she started, sort of, usually. AJ telling a story is like AJ taking a road trip from Battle Creek to Kalamazoo by way of Baghdad, Reykjavik, and Canberra. She will get you to Kalamazoo and you will have some great photos and  a souvenir Tshirt of  Alice Springs when you arrive.


In my progress reports I said it was like your BFF sitting at your kitchen table and letting it all roll out, without filters. Everything that “maturity” brings. (My friends and I agree that we are not getting older, we are getting more mature) Weight gain, menopause, sensible shoes, reentering the dating game, mature sex, speeding tickets, trying to master modern technology, social media, and my personal favorite, spicy food. And Stephen King in a red gown and crown.


In 19 conversations Goode is a brilliant combination of the Golden Girls, Lucy Ricardo, and the late Erma Bombeck rolled up into an unleashed, unfiltered, no-subject-is-taboo explosion of domestic and social disaster and triumph.


The only problem was that the book ended far too soon. Required reading for all my friends. Highly recommended for everybody else. Remember it’s on sale for $0.99 before the May 1 release.


I was given a copy of this book for review.


Screenshot (2733)


Another Goode book that I have just bought.


Undead and Unburied in Michigan

Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal - A.J. Goode

57% and Goode just skewered Modern Love on social media. A crowned and gowned Stephen King is still lurking in the dark corners of my mind.


I have neglected to tell you that Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal is available for preorder at Amazon for $0.99 and available for purchase at $3.99 after May 1, 2016.


There really is a North American Menopause Society.


72% and Goode just told a fine story of her then husband and 40 acres of prime body burying land. I like the way she has written about her ex, she gives him respect and admiration and it says a great deal about both of them.


On to the finish.




It started so simply.

It began with a casual comment that led to a good idea that involved a minimal amount of planning and should have been easy to accomplish.

Unfortunately, as usually happens with my plans, it all headed south pretty much right out of the gate and then just snowballed straight to hell from there. – Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal.



 There should be a gif of Jeannie eating popcorn here but I can't post but one image yet AGAIN. This shit is old, Booklikes.





At 31% I have realized hat where Goode starts off and where she ends up are two vastly different places. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found myself- only younger and with kids. I’m still not sure if she got her picture taken however I would really like to lose the mental image of Stephen King in a red, one shoulder, floor-length gown with crown and sash.


I haven’t had coffee and the cats want their breakfast but I’m just sittin’ here glued to the Further Adventures of A Goode Girl.

The Reading Slump Is Broken!

Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal - A.J. Goode

At Christmas I had a few guest blogs by authors I had met online and liked for any number of reasons. One of them is AJ Goode. This morning she sent me a request to read and review her upcoming book. Only two kinds of writers ask me to review their books- those that have never read my reviews and those that are crazy.


AJ is crazy. Crazy is good. Crazy good. Crazy Goode. Hah!


26% into Fat, Fifty, and Menopausal and the almost overwhelming ennui brought on by a stream of not as interesting as they sounded books has dissipated in the warm pleasure of reading the frank and funny outpourings of Everywoman.  It's like having your BFF sit down at your kitchen table, open her mouth and let it all roll out.


Seldom has a book spoken so loudly to me, I'm not reading it so much as hearing it. I want coffee and cookies, these conversations need both.


There are 19 chapters or, as I prefer, conversations. The conversation about Assholes Among Us is priceless, and Praying For Rain, this woman's brain must have belonged to Lucy Ricardo.


The slump is over!



The Real Book Thief

 [reblogged from 38 Caliber Reviews]


On March 29 I posted about a case of plagiarism involving author Ingrid Black and plagiarist Joanne Clancy. Yesterday Black tweeted to my friend John who has the blog, Illuminite Caliginosus, that she has written a novella about it. Released on 4/12/16 and for free at both Amazon and
























While you are there you might want to pick up The Dead.


Plagiarism Alert!

Reblogged from TezMillerOz:

Many thanks to Has on Twitter for sharing the links.


In short: Two authors were former co-writers. They went their separate ways. One author published a book with only her name on the cover - but it was plagiarised from stuff her former co-writer had written.


From the publisher:


From the victim (via her friend's Facebook):


May just be the one book, but in case it's not, beware of solo books by this author.

Doris Roberts

Just found out.





The toaster episode was unforgettable.


J C Cliff Wrote WHAT?!?

Quinn I: Undaunted Men Series - J.C. Cliff, Sommer Stein, K.D. Robichaux, Soni Gillette

Been busy and will be neck deep again tomorrow but I have been entertaining myself with the J C Cliff meltdown. Grim gave me the link to the review she went batshit over and I'm thinking, "Really?"


That wasn't the terrible review she wants people to think it is. Nowhere near it. The reviewer even encouraged readers to read it and draw their own conclusions. This is The Greek Seaman all over again.


In the review Lana quotes several pieces of text and this line caught my eye, ""Do I make you feel things you've never felt before?" I am positive that there are a few talented writers out there that could make this line work but I am equally positive that Cliff isn't one of them. She can't even write a decent non-apology.


My rating:  Kill it, kill it with fire.

Review- Brotherhood In Death

Brotherhood in Death - J.D. Robb

What the hell happened here? Was J D Robb/Nora Roberts replaced by a podperson? Her characters in this book sure were. I didn't recognize these people.


If this hadn't been an Eve Dallas book it would have been a 2.5-3 star book. A week after I read it I couldn't recall what was about. It wasn't a bad book BUT it wasn't a book that readers expect from Robb.

The snap of the dialogue, the camaraderie between Eve and her fellow officers, the chemistry between Eve and Roarke- all MIA. Actually Roarke was just MIA, must've been a droid replacing him.

Just pass this one by and hope that Robb decides to take this series in hand and make it the success it used to be.

Review- The Widow and the Will

The Widow and the Will - J. Thomas-Like

What can I say about this book? Not a lot. It is a competently crafted book that didn't do a thing for me. Two brothers, two sisters, and some obvious villains. It wasn't a hardship to read it to the end but it didn't inspire me to pick up another of Thomas-Like's books. For me there wasn't a lot of suspense, physical chemistry, or sparkling dialogue. The widow was a bit too weepy for my taste and everyone was rather- tepid, even the bad guys. This book will work very well for a certain group of readers that doesn't include me.

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