Review- Haunted Hijinks

Haunted Hijinks (An Agnes Barton Paranormal Mystery Book 1) - Madison Johns

I picked up this book because it said book 1 and it was, but book one of her paranormal mysteries, turns out there was a whole series with these characters before this book. Consequently I was thrown into a small town with a cast of characters I didn't know but was expected to. It made for a very confusing story at times.


I love a good cosy but I did not love this one, it was a mildly interesting mystery with too many components and too many characters. At times it felt like the mystery took a backseat to Agnes, Eleanor, and Caroline, and I did not find Agnes, Eleanor, and Caroline all that interesting.


The explanation of Caroline was a tad off, the passage of time does not make some things less than what they are.


I don't know if it is Johns' writing style or just this particular book but it was like wading through cold molasses to finish and I won't be picking up any of her others.