Instructions Not Included

I have had to replace a great many electrical things this year, and I have noticed one commonality- instructions not included. You get a page with simple Ikea-like drawings of how to set it up but after that you need to access the internet to find out the details.


I grew up with everything from the steam iron to the refrigerator and washer arriving with little booklets of instructions. I know that was back before the net but there was/is something comforting about a tangible, hold-it-in-your-hand set of instructions and directions on how to set up/assemble and use something.


The laptop, see online help. My phone, I don't know 3/4 of the stuff it can do and I'm likely to never find out because the site is a PITA. My flat screen- all online. My camera-online, my printer- online.


So instead of sitting there with booklet in hand I have to grab the laptop or Kindle (I forgot about the Kindle- online) and hope that the website is user friendly.


I could print all this stuff out but then I would have 8x11 sheets of paper not a nice, compact little booklet. I miss them. I could tuck them under the object they were for and never need to go hunting online- they were right where I could easily find them.


My aunt once tucked her little booklets for a new toaster oven inside the oven itself then turned it on. The instructions browned evenly and were still readable.


What started this train of thought? My BFF and I were talking about taking pics today because of the good outside light and she told me about finding this little color correct button on her camera. She suggested I might look on mine for something similar and I said I would have to meander through the website because- no little booklet, no printed instructions for use beyond a few basics.


So I will grab my Canon and my laptop and hunt down the appropriate site and hope for the best. I'm sure I'll find what I need but the real problem is I'll be online. So I'll stop by here, and Twitter, my email, maybe Amazon, I'll read a news article and watch a cat vid.


But with that booklet in one hand and the camera in the other there would be nothing between me and the good light.


I would like to know, which would you prefer and why. Then sit still and say, "Cheese".