Update on Selena Kitt and Excessica

Karlyn has posted this update from Jenny's twitter: 


Karlyn - Taxidermy for the Ladies says:

On Twitter

@Jenny_Trout: Heads up on the @excessica boxed set: as it turns out, it seems that the company DID NOT issue the ultimatum about my story's inclusion. (c)
@Jenny_Trout: It was an unauthorized communication from a project manager not employed by @excessica, which led me (and other authors on the project) (c)
@Jenny_Trout: to believe that @selenakitt wanted to back out of the set unless I was tossed. Both her position and @excessica's position were grossly (c)
@Jenny_Trout: misrepresented to all of us, so my apologies to @selenakitt and @excessica.
@Jenny_Trout: Because I saw several bloggers say they would cut ties with Excessica, I wanted to make it absolutely clear that this wasn't their fault.
@Jenny_Trout: Spread the word, if you could, book people.
So spread the word, it wasn't Kitt and Excessica.