Review- Enchantment (The Channie Series)

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Picked this one out of my Mt Everest of Kindle TBRs. It sounded interesting but then I started reading and the reality was, sadly, quite different.


I think there’s a plot- maybe, but I rapidly lost interest. Our heroine is “Channie”, her full name is- are you ready?- Enchantment. And she is just enchanting especially to the local boys much to the chagrin of her parents, why I’m not sure since they named her and evidently your name is what you are if you have magic.  Channie’s sister is named Abundance and she has triplets.


Book begins to go downhill.


Channie’s parents should be named Common Criminal and Morally Bankrupt Enabler or maybe Dumb and Makes Bad Decisions. Her father is a lazy con artist who gets in trouble with a local very powerful and rich magic family so he unceremoniously uproots his family and they head out West where they settle into a basically non-magical community. These two people are loathsome, they lie, cheat, and con because actually working for a living doesn’t seem to occur to them.


Oh, and they decide that Channie needs a name change so they won’t have to worry about actually being responsible parents so they rename her Chastity., a name which seems to be the major part of the plot of this book.


Channie hates the name and her magic isn’t any too pleased, either, because once she meets Josh, the hero, it seems that the plot is all about removing the chastity binder and being free to get physical with him.


But first the author disposes of the sister by writing her leaving to search for her true love, the father of her triplets. Then her parents take off for the casinos where they employ their magic to win, win, win. This leaves Channie at home with three little boys and plenty of time to figure out how to stop being Chastity and return to being Enchantment.


I stopped reading at page 214 of 350 when I realized I couldn’t remember what I had just read and didn’t care. None of these characters were sympathetic, Channie wasn’t much better than her parents in the morals department. If she wanted something she wasn’t too bothered by how she got it. Josh was this good guy cipher with loving parents and little brother but none of them made much of an impression.


I can’t recommend this book, it began to feel like work to keep plowing through the pages and paragraphs of Channie’s godawful life. Unattractive characters and a less than interesting plot combined to make dull and boring reading.