Review- Dog with a Bone

Dog with a Bone - Hailey Edwards

Another book from Mt. Kindle TBR. What can I say about this one? Nothing much.


A few days after reading it I can’t remember the names of the main characters, not the best sign. It wasn’t a truly terrible book but it never quite reached a point where it could stand out from the rest.


The main characters, Thierry and Shaw, were never as solid as they should have been. I could never quite get a solid visual image. Thierry has one of the two boss most popular backgrounds- her long absent father is the Black Dog of the Fae, which limits her choice of careers to being a Marshal or living in the Fae realm.


Shaw, her friend/mentor/trainer/boss/succubus/love interest, was never all that irresistible. I couldn’t find the chemistry Edwards was trying to convince me they shared.


The plot, while not outstanding, was- okay. It moved along fairly well but didn’t stay with me after I finished reading. This is a short book, only 184 pgs and is described as a prequel to the Black Dog series but it just didn’t entice me to pick up the next book.


Edwards has said there are only four books to this series but I won’t be continuing with it. Meh.