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here's a new (not BL) blog to follow if the food in Three Pines makes your mouth water.  Approved by Penny herself, two of her fans have started a food blog in which they instruct us in how to make some of the delicacies we read about, and  also talk about the feelings evoked when they read the food scenes.


the first entry recognizes that Gabri and Olivier could make croissants with their eyes closed.  The rest of us, though, might need a little encouragement to decide to undertake the task.  It's not at all hard, they assure us.  Just takes a bit of practice.


" . . . croissants and café au lait are such an integral part of Three Pines and the characters’ quotidian that we, as readers, tend to smell coffee and croissants just thinking about the idyllic village.


There is magic in the kind of meal that is enjoyed regularly to the point that it is almost taken for granted. In this first introduction to the food in Three Pines, we are drawn to a setting and a sensory experience that is so common to the characters that they seem to barely notice it. There is magic in the comfort of familiarity.


'Clara sat at the table by the window and waited. Patience was not her long suit. The mixture of café au lait and impatience was producing an exquisite vibration.'”


Anyway, just wanted to let you know that this is out there.  Click the link below if you want to read more.




Source: http://thenightisastrawberry.blogspot.com.br/2015/06/croissants-and-cafe-au-lait.html