There isn't a BWAHAHAHAHAHA big enough or loud enough.

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Yes, Booklikers.  Yes, BBwSLD.  Amazon is suing fiverr shills for fake reviews.  Who knew, right?


Oh, wait, we knew.  We knew over a year ago.  I posted the evidence.  I told Goodreads about it.  I blogged here about it.


But to read the MarketingLand report, you'd think this was breaking news.


Amazon’s lawsuit names several Fiverr members that it solicited for phony reviews, including one who goes by the username bess98. This person charges $5 for an Amazon review, and claims to have “more than 30+ different account and ip” — presumably from which the reviews will be posted in an attempt to avoid getting caught — and invites the merchant to write the review that will be posted. Here’s a screenshot from the page where bess98 offers this Amazon review service:


Uh, no, Amazon, it's old news.  Really old news.


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