J C Cliff Wrote WHAT?!?

Quinn I: Undaunted Men Series - J.C. Cliff, Sommer Stein, K.D. Robichaux, Soni Gillette

Been busy and will be neck deep again tomorrow but I have been entertaining myself with the J C Cliff meltdown. Grim gave me the link to the review she went batshit over and I'm thinking, "Really?"


That wasn't the terrible review she wants people to think it is. Nowhere near it. The reviewer even encouraged readers to read it and draw their own conclusions. This is The Greek Seaman all over again.


In the review Lana quotes several pieces of text and this line caught my eye, ""Do I make you feel things you've never felt before?" I am positive that there are a few talented writers out there that could make this line work but I am equally positive that Cliff isn't one of them. She can't even write a decent non-apology.


My rating:  Kill it, kill it with fire.