Somebody Read This to Tony McFadden

It has become evident that McFadden can't read. If he could he would have familiarized himself with GoodReads TOS. Specifically, what users are allowed to do with rating. If someone had only read this for this poor illiterate man it would have saved him the public embarrassment he has now heaped upon himself.


His newest whinefest is an embarrassment of ignorance.(see screenshot on Miranda's blog, read the blog while you're there )  McFadden shows himself as an author who seems to have barely skimmed the TOS, leaving him squarely behind the 8-ball of his own making. And he doesn't seem to like it there.


Then McFadden does an Eve Thomas and puts the blame on all us meanie reader/reviewers and GRs. He thinks he's got a case-he does. Of stupidity.


So someone read the TOS to poor old Tony, with pictures if necessary,  and while you're at it-clue him in to the fact that most of us think that a man who can't read can't write.


Now Tony might just give up and flounce off to other book sites where he will probably not be able to read their TOS and will repeat his mistakes. So... 


My advice-stop playing with your "dog", Tony, and learn to read.