Melissa Douthit Plays An Old Game Again


Yes, Melissa is back on Amazon under a new sock account reposting the same, tired, and factually incorrect review for Montfort:  The Early Years, a book she has never read.


For those who missed all the good times Melissa Douthit, owner of that site, posted a "review" for this book after this review  appeared, 


Her review was reported and numerous comments were posted many of them pointing out the errors in her review. Melissa then would delete and repost as often as she felt necessary to remove those comments. It went on for over 100, yes 100, deletions and reposts.


Not only is that wretched review back up but Kathryn's excellent review of Ashe's book has suddenly acquired a hefty number of downvotes. This is the kind of review that readers want to see, it shouldn't be downvoted off the front page, and it angers me that Douthit has decided to create another sock account and play her old games.