Douthit games, Part II

 "Until two or three days ago, only 209 people had voted on this review, without a single new vote. Now 350 have voted on it. I've had 140 downvotes within days." Kathryn


Whether it was Douthit orchestrating this sudden influx of downvotes or someone else, I would say that 140 downs in 2-3 days is a definite tell of vote fixing. It could even be the work of the author, Katherine Ashe,  who in this guest blog, , on Lloyd Lofthouse's blog whined about having to threaten to sue Amazon to because Katharine Ashe's name was the name that popped up when doing a search for Katherine's books.


Katherine does not appreciate Katharine's work. At all. Katherine also does not appreciate criticism. At all. So, for me, it's a toss-up who engineered the sudden rash of downvotes. I will also point out that Douthit (Northern Star) posted her "review" on 1/17/14 and has 52 out of 72 helpful votes.


Like that isn't at all suspicious.