10 Things

Here's my 10, in no particular order.


  • 1. I have a scar above my left eyebrow from a hard landing in a hot air balloon. I love ballooning though I don't participate any longer. If you have never ridden in a balloon and you get the chance, do it.
    • 2. I had to learn depth perception because I only see with one eye at a time.  This makes objects moving towards me, stairs and escalators, a challenge.
    • 3. I love old buildings, I was a volunteer with a group of theatre rats at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Detroit. We would go on theatre crawls through old theatres both working and abandoned. Theatres are special to me but any old building might catch my eye,. The first time a building "spoke" to me was when I was eight.
    • 4. I was abysmal on the cello but not too bad on the violin. My violin had a deep, vibrant  tone, even the mute couldn't dampen the sound much and I had a Halverson bow.
    • 5.I studied Judo for several years.
    • 6.I took cake decorating lessons and worked in a bakery for a short time.
    • 7. I was a member of Troupe Ta'Amullat Fi Buhayrit Al Zamaan (Reflections in the Pool of Time), the late Ibrahim Farrah once described the troupe as, "the best amateur (Near Eastern) folkloric troupe in the US." I did a little dancing in clubs and I also studied Flamenco with the late Dame Maria del Carmen.
    • 8. I am owned by cats, one of which was recently diagnosed with diabetes.
    • 9. I used to do antique shows with my second mom. I learned a lot about antiques, and buying and selling, and paying attention to your market and trends. I love old glass and dishes and have a number of teapots as well as other breakable objects. One move included 10 boxes of drinking glasses alone.
    • 10. I have seen, if the absence of something can be described as "seeing", a ghost and there is something on my upstairs landing.

That's my 10.