10 Things- Addendum

Books Forevermore brought back a great memory. Many (many, many) years ago one of my friends from Troupe and myself went to NY's MMA for the La Belle Epoque exhibit. I'm 5'-3 and she's shorter. We wanted to examine the details of beading and ruching and such up close and there was always someone taller standing squarely in front of us.


We finally looked at each other and simply sank onto our hands and knees, then we crawled through the exhibit. The guards thought we were nuts but we were able to get close and scrutinize the details. People all over were setting off the alarms from getting too close or touching the clothing but the two crazy women crawling around, leaning waaay over, pointing things out and taking notes never did.


I love NY. We always had good times in NY, except for the time we had bad food and got epically sick.