Not in the Mood for a Fantasy of Any Kind

I tried to calm down but, nope,  I AM PISSED. If I think much more about it, nope, still gonna be pissed. After being told more than once I am too damn dumb or blindly arrogant to accurately picture Cleopatra in my mind without the help of pin point descriptions because I am white and therefore I automatically picture every-fucking-body as white because being privileged means I must always picture everybody as white as I am, I am then fed a statement that defies my willing suspension of belief.

"As for your Dory books, I have not heard of them until this very moment but that is besides the point because we are not obligated to review any author's books."




So you have reviewed 7 books by one author you claim to like, six of them from one series and then you also claim you never noticed she wrote a second series using characters from the first?



You never noticed that list of books in the front of the one you're reading? I mean, well, maybe, but if I like an author I certainly check to see what else they've written. I guess you could have missed this one and only comment on your review of Claimed by Shadow:



But I'm having a real hard time believing it. Being a farm girl I recognize shit when it's being shoveled, no matter how you dress it up.




Do not lecture me on how you perceive my mind to work and then try to pass off a pile of BS as the gospel truth. I ain't buying what you are selling.



WARNING:  Pissed and not at all in the mood for conversation about this.