Fifty Shades Of Abuse (#OneVoice)

Fifty Shades Of Abuse - #OneVoice, Eve Thomas Update: Unfortunately Thomas has gone off the rails again. According to her I have been banned from GRs. And she is trying to intimidate a lot of people who disagree with her and has now reached out to that site. 1/2/14 Oh, this is all because her main twitter account got suspended again.

Update X: It seems Thomas has pulled her book from Amazon, B&N, and the Book Depository. The only reason I could find was she was protesting Amazon selling a book on training children because it was about training them for abuse.

There has never been any report of the distribution of earnings on this book to the charities listed that I can find and since I cannot find a place to buy this book I guess Thomas has abandoned this endeavor for her newest obsession.

This could have been a powerful account of abuse but Thomas' refusal to acknowledge her errors and ignorance has now made it a short, sad example of how Thomas operates. A lot of women were treated (once again) very badly by someone who constantly trumpets her support of them.

Update IX: 1/2 Can't find the book listed on Amazon.

Update VIII: Turns out I had to buy the book because of the way it was reloaded to Amazon. See below updates for review.

Update VII: 6/27 Kindle book is back up for sale but my copy shows no editing. Contacted Amazon who said they showed no new version and if there was one my copy would have either automatically updated or I would have received a message about a new version being available.

Update VI: 6/21 Finally the ebook was pulled from sale, the dtb had disappeared about two days before. It will be interesting to see if Thomas addresses any of the other issues with the bookor is she just slaps a few new chapters in and tosses it back.

Update V: 6/20 After lying and denying, blaming and shaming, Thomas is reluctantly changing the book. It looks to be a grudging minimal change of only removing and replacing chapters without addressing all the other issues.

Update IV: 6/18-About 4 hrs ago Thomas wrote a twitlonger claiming the book was no longer for sale and once again blaming everyone else for her mistakes and problems. The book is still for sale. Thomas has a real problem with the truth and avoids it as much as possible.

Update III: Thomas is stalling the women who want out, sending numerous emails and tweets asking for the same info and making vague threats. Thomas and some of her fans are trying to intimidate, blame, shame, guilt these women.

Update II: Thomas must think taking a screenshot of my Amazon review and posting it on her twitter while calling me a GRs bully will, what?

Not happy with just refusing to remove the work of the few contributors who are very unhappy with her recent outrageous and dangerous behavior, Thomas now is trying a combination of stalling, intimidation, and guilt to force them to leave their work in her book.

Update: This morning Eve announced she was pulling this book from sale but an hour later she announced that, no, she wouldn't and no one could make her. I am afraid they can, Ms Thomas has nothing in writing and so without that they can have their work removed from her book. But it looks like it may take legal intervention.

I was going to expand this review but now a situation has occurred and this is the end of this review.

Several contributors are calling for their chapters to be removed. There seem to be several reasons given depending on who's posts you can find.

Eve seems to have overstepped herself in rushing to provide "support" for someone and offended several people in the process. She then had a disagreement with one or more of them over her questionable methods.

Now two contributors, maybe more but I can find only two, are asking to have their chapters removed from the book. Eve is claiming one is complaining about the fact that the material used is unedited.

THIS IS IMPORTANT From what I can gather Eve used material without getting the owner's express permission and this means without the proper contracts necessary to protect all involved.

This is a big, hot mess and sad, sad, sad, for those contributors who acted in good faith for a woman who has only her self interests at heart.

Review update: Well, she managed to add chapter 19 this time. All the formatting and writing issues are still there. The book still has an amateurish, unfinished appearance.

The new chapters can be identified by the author's giving their consent for Eve to use their work. It shows that they, and possibly Eve, have absolutely no idea why a written, legal, specific contract is necessary. By not addressing this issue they have made themselves victims again.

Thomas starts talking about herself first, then she talks about the evils of of EL James, then comes the letter she posted on her blog to EL James, then she talks about herself some more. Then when you are beginning to think the title should be "All About Eve", she finally moves on to the first contributor/chapter.

And the unholy mess starts. Formatting must be something that scares Thomas because it seems almost completely lacking. Setting aside Ms Thomas' not very good writing, the paragraphs begin

midsentence and it yanks you right out of the story. At least once the chapter stopped abruptly and then continued on the next page with a gap of half of blank page inbetween.

The only real division between stories or chapters is the chapter heading. Chapters sometimes begin midpage right after the previous one. Everything is smooshed together like a baby's vegetables.

Note: Thomas, is should read "this lady's story" not "this ladies story".

Then Thomas starts and ends most chapters, first explaining confidentiality has been granted or how brave the writer is and at the end praising their bravery and how their story made her feel (cries, is proud, gives hugs). In a number of chapters the authors include their Twitter and/or blog addresses so readers can contact them. Not something I would consider doing.

Bad enough that she just can't let a chapter just be someone's story without giving it a foreword and afterword but her paragraphs are once again glued to the story without any spacing between her words and the contributor.

I read the first chapter and had to stop. Not because of the content, I've heard far worse from friends but because of the writing. The style, the "voice", I'd seen that before, in fact, I'd just read it. If the first chapter wasn't completely Thomas' writing then Thomas had majorly rewritten it.

Now I have no problem with Thomas having to write a contributor's story for them but Thomas has consistently insisted that every story is in the contributor's own words and writing.

If that weren't enough of a problem Thomas has chosen to include a lie in her history and that calls into question the validity of all the rest of the stories in this book. DO I believe that at least part of them are real? Yes, but since Thomas has chosen to lie in the beginning I cannot be other than skeptical of the rest.