To Love Again

What love is stronger, more passionate, more enduring than that of a man for his cherished, old car? None. Nada. Zip. I realize the relationship of man and auto has lasted longer than the marriage(s). It's even older than the kid but, how can I put this, it's dead, Jim, time to buy another.


Just think, you can make happy memories with this new-old car. Save the keys and a floormat or something from the toasted one but it's time to move on. You can love again. The old car won't be coming back from the junkyard to stalk you like a jilted Christine.


I've been to Ebay, I've made you a list of suitable new-old love interests. You. Need. A. Car. It took me most of Sunday to coax you to the computer to look at the love interests. My next-to-last relationship didn't last as long as this is taking.





You can lead a man to Ebay but you can't make him bid.