A Good Education Could Have Prevented This

So you just know that Melissathena would jump on the latest kerfuffle like a starving dog onto a steak and, like always, would get it wrong. Here is the first error:




Everybody but Melissathena knows she didn't leave some thoughts, she left the same thought on 12 reviews by one reviewer.



Did I say 12 times? Wouldn't Mel consider this harassment if I were to cut and paste that 12 times on the author's reviews? Please. Then the author, still feeling hard done by, takes to her blog:



Oh dear, the author has found out free speech is not without a price and she feels it is vastly unfair that she has to pay it. Too bad.


She also has not read the GR TOS, which she violated when she posted this. She also has not read how members are allowed to rate books. She has not paid any attention to who reviews are written for (hint:  not the author). She has no idea or simply didn't care that it is very bad form to jump on someone's review and try to harass and insult them. She never gave a passing thought to how she might be damaging the author and the book the review was posted on.


It was allll about her, her, her. And still Mel insists the author was attacked. Then Mel tries to makes herself respectable:



Uhhh, I got nuthin'. I would admire someone who can lie so boldly but since it is easy to find plenty of documentation of stgrb harassing, attacking, and trying to silence reviewers and bloggers I will just say consult your own screenshots.



This is good advice- but I strongly suspect our definition of troll is not at all the same.  It is sort of amusing watching Mel and Co. strive to seem just like normal folks. Please, Mel, don't bother. Your BFF, Annie, is bat-shit craycray and has given you her seal of approval so why are you trying to be something you aren't?


Now here is the very best part:



All the usual untruths and a slight sucking up to GR. But "aloud"? Snort. Twice, you used the wrong word twice. It sort of negates the impact of your statement if you can't even use the correct words.