Make Noise, People

We learned from Amazon, we learned from GR, if they "improved" their system and we couldn't get it to work or lost the ability to do something we just shut up because they just didn't care.

I believe BL does care. It seems that most of my friends here are having problems stemming from the introduction of the new DB. We need to tell them. Even if you have already, tell them again.

Make sure all your friends tell them, too. We need to make a concerted effort to let them know just how buggy the new install has made things.

I can wait a little longer for a DB because I know they are trying and because I liked what was working before the install. I appreciate their efforts, I do, BL has been very responsive to my problems. But we need, as a group, to send them all our problems with the new system.

Tell your friends to send or resend their little lists of what isn't working maybe if BL sees it all together they can figure out how to make things better.

My problems are small compared to some here but tonight I will be sending BL a list.