What I Learned as a Woman at a Men’s Rights Conference

Jessica Roy attended the Mens Rights conference held in Detroit at the end of June. Here are three paragraphs from her article. Warning: Put down any food or drink in your hands and set breakable objects far outside of arms reach.


 "Stefan Molyneux, a Canadian radio host, blamed mothers for the violent behavior of men.


Molyneux said that because 90% of a child’s brain is formed by the experiences it has before the age of 5, and women have “an almost universal control over childhood,” violence exists in the world because of the way women treat children.


“If we could just get people to be nice to their babies for 5 years straight, that would be it for war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases,” he said. “Almost all would be completely eliminated, because they all arise from dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women.”"