Counterpoint - John   Day After reading the entire excerpt on Amazon, I have to ask what the hell? It reads a lot like a dated boys adventure story, sort of a Hardy Boys with sleaze and sex.

Except the Hardy Boys is a vastly superior read.

Meet Carla, she's the requisite beauty with blond hair, blue eyes, and supposedly brains. We meet her when she and her partner with benefits are double crossing Marco the drug lord or "Drug Lord" as Day keeps writing it.

Mmm-yeah. Her partner gets shot and subsequently dies during their getaway so she just shoves him out of the car, runs over him and keeps on going. Too bad, so sad.

Meet Max, who has the personality of a petulant twelve year old. Now that the wife has died and the kid has grown up and left home (he probably couldn't get away fast enough) Max has bought himself a camper and headed on out to find Life! Adventure! What he really deserves!

Evidently that's Carla. When they meet it is Insta-Love. Do I need to go on?

A whole lotta info-dumping because Day isn't skilled enough to present it any other way, cardboard characters, a total lack of any degree of believability, bad dialogue, and Random Capitalization.

Bad author, no purchase!

The excerpt ended just as the first sex scene started. It's probably just as well, the Hardy Boys did sex better, too. What? There was no sex in the Hardy Boys series? Yes, and your point would be?