HollandBerry (Holland-Saga Book 1)

HollandBerry (Holland-Saga Book 1) - Hazel Cartwright Edit: You know there is something wrong when the title on the cover does not match the title on the description and the author doesn't seem to notice and the "Ms." is dropped from the Kindle version. SLoppy

You really don't want to know what I think about this but I'm going to tell you just not tonight. I have a few words to say about goal tees and barriers of bad news.

This is a story. This is a Short story. This is a short Story about almost absolutely Nothing. This is a Short Story about almost absolutely nothing that may or may not become almost Something in the next Part or short story or maybe in the part or Short story after that or even in the part or short Story after that part or Short story.

The heroin is Ginger or ginger HollandBerry or Hollandberry or even Holland berry but that last wasn't in the Story it was someplace else. I read it there. Anywho ginger is a Teacher at the Gavinstone Academy or Maybe the Galvinstone Academy because it was spelled bothways but not in the book.

She teaches. Something. Her classes last all of about 2 minutes. Hey wait I have to talk about her 370 oz. car parking spot. Carteright says her spot is literally 5 steps from the door. So in the Spirit of spirits or research or due diligence or doo-doo whatevs my friends I tried this.

Put on my Stuart Weitzmans and tottered on out to the 2014 Lincoln MKX Limited Edition metallic Gray with red-stitched cream and gray Interior. Stood by that door and took 5 largish steps cause you know the only things we know or really could give a crap about ginger is she has copper cinnamon red hair and is a prig. Yup, a prig. Underneath her designer Label clothes Ginger is a p-r-I-g. Sort of. That's what Springs to mind for me.

Shoes MKX 5 largish steps cause don't know if ginger towers over All or is a dwarf. You know what? If her car is literally 5 steps from the door it would be violating all sorts of Codes.

I think the hero but I don't know cause he might be this other Guy is Urieh. He's replacing David. He has a goal tee. Apollo has a secret passion. Ginger has a Birthday. If you eat a late lunch and talk for 3 minutes it's time to go home.

Dancing With The Stars.

"I think you are way too conformed about things love is not something that can be restricted and formed into when and where you decide it should become."

I still have no Clue what this lame bitch teaches. Dialogue or people talking to each other is what and Where you find it cause the little quattion marks used to indicate dialogue are here there and everyfreakingplace but where They Should Be. Really I have a ss of a descriptive sentence with a " in the middle.

I know what hazel is writing its a cereal. No not Rice Krispies or Cocoa Puffs that other Kind. You know even if she doesn't.

Everything wrong in this review is intentional. Unlike the story

I will be writing a different review with ss for my blog and BL. Stop by and witness the incompetence- hers not mine.