Single Therapy: Single's Guide

Single Therapy: Single's Guide - Hazel Cartwright
You know, I don’t think I’ve read a worse piece of crap. This is 42 pages of possibly the worst formatting or maybe just the worst design an author has ever tried to foist on the reading public. I’m sure that Cartwright believes that the her ability to write and read her grocery list means that she is also capable of writing a book or, in this case, a pamphlet.

She would be wrong.

I think the author describes her writing process for this scamphlet best: "I am still surprised it was even created due to how much wine i had consumed when I jotted down the words to this book."

I’m not surprised by a confession of alcohol consumption, this is a wretched, dull, dreary, deadly, little collection of uninspired “tips” for enlivening the life of singles. Some of the “tips” are just dull, but others are venal or deadly if you were brain dead enough to follow them.

From the venal of tip #54 to pick rich friends so you can reap the benefits to the deadly of #42 to kiss a scorpion because they also need love and affection.

Scorpions get their love and affection from other scorpions, not some drunk dumbass looking to fill a few lines in something she should be ashamed to have strangers read.

Cartwright staggers on mangling words and randomly capitalizing whenever she feels like it.

I have an expanded and much more scathing review here:

Complete with screenshots.

It was free but still wasn't worth it. This scamphlet makes Victor Bertolaccini look good.