Lying, Cheating, Cold, Dead, Beating Heart

Fifty Shades Of Abuse - #OneVoice, Eve Thomas

I am angry. Very angry. I am also angry that I'm not angrier because I could see this coming months ago, months ago.


After all the posturing, all the harassing, the hysteria, the pronouncements of support for voices too often silenced Eve Thomas has refused to release a copy of the disbursal of funds collected from the sale of this book.


She has refused two of us that she dislikes intensely and tried to refuse to refund the money I sent for the copy but that didn't work because I opened a dispute through Paypal. Now I find out she has refused a copy to Tammie who was a strong supporter of Eve,


Just a few moments ago she tweeted that any charity nominated could "chat with her", oh hell, here's a screenshot:




She was tweeting about transparency but evidently it means something quite different to her.


Now no one is going to see where the money went? There are 49 people and all of us who bought her book  who would or should want to know how this whole mess was handled. Thomas has a bad track record with the truth. She promised this money to various charities and those who contributed  in good faith and those of us who bought the book should be able to see where that money went.