A Werewolf in Manhattan - Vicki Lewis Thompson Would-Be Witch - Kimberly Frost The Misfortune Cookie - Laura Resnick

It was a good day, not the one I planned but still very good. Read the first two books and misplaced the third. I'll find it (eventually), it's in one of two houses probably under a cat. In between reading and cat care one of the local does came into the yard with her twin fawns. Cute little things with the biggest ears, they came close, about 5 feet from where I was sitting and talking to them. Somebody drove by with the radio blasting and they scampered off back to mom.


My neighbor came by to borrow a spade. There was a lightning strike between our houses end of may and it took out 2 TVs, 1 printer, several electrical circuits, and his car. He was digging up some outside underground wires to replace. I asked if the pool was open yet and when he said no I volunteered to help.  Pools are just too damned much work.


But after it was open and the chemicals added we sat around drinking so-so beer on the deck and just enjoying the end of the day. Tomorrow I may throw all good sense to the wind and go to the Art Fair since Saturday I plan to go watch hot air balloons.


Reviews sometime soon .