Ellora's Cave Sues Dear Author and Jane for blog post

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Note from Mahala:  I have read books from EC back when they were new and one of the few epublishers to offer erotica. Then I moved on and when I revisited EC I could see something was wrong, drastically wrong.


Just as BBAs all seem to follow a blueprint of bad behavior EC seems to have followed in other epublisher's footprints but with an extra serving of crazy. I don't know much about Jane but even from the little I know I could have told EC that trying to sue her into silence wasn't going to work and would only serve to bring other bloggers and reviewers to her support. Loud, vocal support.



I never read a single EC book.


There is no way in Hades I will ever read a single EC book now.


Authors that are siding with EC will be put on my do-not-buy-list. Some authors not with EC are happy that Jane/Dear Author is being sued due to having their books rated less than 5 stars/no fan girl squeeeingg.


Authors who are having major troubles with EC have just had their worst fears confirmed. I am keeping them in my thoughts, as they may be next (one of the items EC wants Jane to reveal is the names of the authors who commented on the blog post - Jane wanted honest answers and experiences, so she let the authors comment anonymously).


Jane will fight this; if she sets up a donation site I will post it and donate what I can afford. The blog post that started this: http://dearauthor.com/ebooks/the-curious-case-of-elloras-cave/


Fuck this shit - Jane wrote her blog post using journalistic integrity and now the rats are running scared.