The Dead Phone

 Last Monday I managed to drop my phone twice. Sigh. It's bad enough that I live in a sort of Bermuda Triangle where phones and sometimes the internet doesn't work, dropping my cell twice wasn't going to make the service here improve.


After reassembling it, yep, it wasn't a happy phone any longer. Even after 3 years I still don't use even half of the bells and whistles and now those bells and whistles seemed to have disappeared.


I couldn't even get the correct time or date. It wouldn't tell me who had or was calling. I couldn't summon Uber. It just was sullen, only allowing me to use it as a phone. Well, shit. Now I need a new one, but which one?


Not the same phone even though they still sell it, now its one of the lowest rated phones on their site. Wonder why (no, not really because I know). Not goingto spend a lot on a phone that will only end up dropped on the floor again sooner rather than later but it needs to provide me with certain features.


Narrowed it down to 5. My phone seems to lose more functions as the week progressed. I can't decide on a new phone, still stalled at five. Now when I leave the house I carry the phone to make and receive calls and my Kindle for the date and time and reading material. I have about 8 watches and can't lay my hands on any of them.


I need a fully functioning phone, dammit.


This morning my BFF calls to change our wandering around plans. Tomorrow it will be twice as warm as it is today, sounds better than tomorrow it will be 24 and today it's only 12. Make the plans, lay the phone down, pick it up and look-!!!!!!!!!


It's alive! My phone has healed itself. Time and date are correct, my apps are back, I can order Uber. Damn. Just one little problem-


I think it might be a zombie now.