Review- Dragon Ruins

Even free was too much to pay for this.


This is one of those “books” that really isn’t. It’s 59 pages to start and those 59 pages proceed to make me happy not to read the rest of this … whatever.


A strange man walks into an outback rock and gem store and hands our heroine, Karla, a medallion and tells her to go out in the middle of nowhere and find a mysterious chamber. And her father, when she tells him, encourages her.


Um, yeah. Works for me. Not.


So Karla spends a few paragraphs trying to decide if she wants to go and thinking of the loser she will be returning to (maybe) in England and despite having a ticket to leave the next day decides to go looking for whatever trouble might be out in the outback for a single woman following the instructions of a rather creepy stranger.


Doesn’t have the sense God gave a goose.



Since this isn’t in the thriller or horror genres the creepy guy doesn’t reappear and kidnap her. Instead she finds the hidden chamber containing a sleeping hot guy. Who wakes up when she gets near him. Yup, he’s a dragon only he can’t be a dragon until he regains his strength through the Mesmer bond, this handy dandy plot device that makes it impossible for hot guy and Karla to be apart.


What’s a girl to do? Take him home to daddy and miss her flight to England and the loser. Ooh, face it, Karla, your goose is:



Except for getting attacked by the mysterious stranger in dragon form there wasn’t a dragon to be seen or read about.


That’s it. That’s what 59 pages contains. Absolutely nothing that makes me at least want to pick up the next “book”. Entirely forgettable.


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