Second Chances

I'm ba-ack, sorta. In view of the whole Kathleen Hale debacle you might think this is about her but no, it is not. Yes, Virginias, there are other authors out there trying to come back with their previous outrageous behavior intact. And no, I'm not telling you who it is just yet. 
I'm trying to read 50% of the wretched book and it's a hard slog. So watch this space. I had so hoped for a better outcome but, well... 

I believe in second chances. I think almost everybody deserves one. Contrary to what some people believe I will give someone the benefit of the doubt almost every time and I struggle when it becomes apparent that the second chance looks to be in vain.


I wanted this one to work, I thought it would but it looks like the path traveled before will be the path traveled again. I guess if you can surround yourself with enough people that tell you you did nothing wrong and all those people who “attacked” you, who “harassed” you, who pointed out your missteps and mistakes were just being “mean” and “jealous” then you can move comfortably ahead down that same path towards the inevitable.


I admired your restart, your dedication to what you built, but maybe the red flags were there in the timeline. You have worked hard but for what end? 


No self-awareness, no professional growth, no fucking clue.  

Book review soon.