Updated- Sharon Sala Has Lost Her Mind

Either that or she is deliberately lying.



This is what she is linking to:




Now it does say that Amazon has refunded the price of the book of an author who has signed the petition but nowhere is there an official Amazon list of names. Once again an author has deliberately or perhaps mistakenly, but I doubt it,  propagated a false claim against Amazon or an Amazon holding (GoodReads) to further an outrageous demand that will only end up hurting the company that is providing them a world-wide (for some) platform for selling their books.


And her fans? They are just swallowing the lie whole. Does nobody actually read, does nobody do any freaking research? Maybe I missed a lone voice of reason in that pile of misplaced outrage, I just didn't have the stomach to wade through it all.


I have no doubt that her sheeple are running off to sign that petition (wonder if they will all use their real names). Good move, Ms Sala, don't just bite the hand, make sure you saw it off and drop it onto that large pile of crap you are spewing.


Update:  I missed this one before. A second post where Sala once again claims Amazon has released a "bully list" and she is shocked by their behavior.


The she talks about having a stalker and the disconnect is nothing short of jaw-dropping. According to her Amazon is out to "HURT" writers emotionally and financially. Hello, Ms Sala, what do you think you and all those other authors might be doing to some of the reviewers that choose to review under a pseudonym. You, who claim to have a stalker. You, who ignore the reality that other people, some of them reviewers, also have stalkers.


Never ONCE, NOT ONCE, is there the smallest thought for anyone but herself. No one's safety is paramount to Sala and her fellow authors finding out who wrote that one star review.


You know what is scarier than a "mean, vicious" one star review, Ms Sala? And who gets to decide what is "mean and vicous" or what is just snarky and blunt?  It's what your fans might decide to do to the person that wrote it but you really couldn't care less about that.


In some ways that is even scarier than what your fans might do.